Peru: clothing former prisoners

From mission partner Anna Sims, who ministers among female prisoners and ex-offenders in Peru: “The Winter Clothing Event for the ex-offenders was a joyful time. All the ex-offenders that we currently work with in Lima are invited to hear a short reflection and then ‘shop’ from the seasonal clothing donations we’ve received. Each woman is […]

Peru: dengue fever

Pray for those affected by the ongoing dengue fever epidemic focused in the north of Peru. After recent flooding more than 100,000 people have been unwell with the mosquito-borne illness and over 200 people have died. Please pray that those who need treatment will be able to receive it and for an end to the […]

Brazil, Peru: short-termers

We praise God for short-termers Lydia Greenwood (at ReVive, Brazil) and Edward Anchor (at the Anglican Church of Peru) and pray for them as they serve in their different communities. May they see God at work and continue to be inspired and encouraged in their ministry.

Peru: cyclone aftermath

Please pray for those in Peru, particularly in the north of the country, who have been hit by unusually heavy unseasonal rains brought by cyclone Yaku. The resulting flooding and high river flows have left more than 50 people dead and many more have lost their homes and belongings.

Peru: protests

Please continue to pray for Peru, where protests sparked by the impeachment of former president, Pedro Castillo, continue to demand early elections for a new president and a new Congress. Pray for peace and reconciliation and for a just solution to the country’s divisions.

Peru: peace

As marches, protests and roadblocks continue across Peru please pray for peace. Protests in some areas of Peru continue to be violent and to be met with force by security forces. The death toll during the protests now stands at 56, with many more injured. Pray that there would be dialogue between the government and […]

Peru: ongoing protests

As protests continue across many areas of Peru following the removal from power of former president Pedro Castillo, please pray for peace. Protests have often turned violent and security forces have also responded with force, leaving around 50 people dead in the last month. Pray for calm, peace and for a resolution of the problems. […]

Peru: state of emergency

Pray for Peru, which is in the midst of a nationwide state of emergency. Protests have erupted across much of the country after President Pedro Castillo was impeached by Congress following his attempted “self-coup” this week. He tried to rule by decree and dissolve the Congress, which was already due to vote on his potential […]

Paul and Sarah Tester, Peru

Paul is working to establish a truly Latin American mission movement for Latin America and Sarah serves in children’s ministry.

Anna Sims, Peru

Supporting female, English-speaking inmates and ex-offenders in Lima through prison ministry Walking in Liberty.