Philippines: Jigsaw

Pray for mission partner Tim Lee who is currently in the Philippines supporting Jigsaw Kids Ministries in addressing the online sexual abuse of children, which increased sharply during the pandemic. Pray for wisdom and inspiration in developing and implementing solutions and for encouragement for the Jigsaw team, who have achieved so much over the years.

Asia storms

Please pray for all those who have borne the brunt of super typhoon Nora, which caused devastation in the Philippines earlier this week and is causing severe flooding in Vietnam. Continue to pray for the millions of flood victims in Pakistan as well.

Eric and Sandra Read, Philippines

Demonstrating natural farming models alongside equipping churches in holistic mission for real community impact.

Tim Lee, Philippines

To improve the lives of families living in poverty in the Philippines by supporting Jigsaw Kids to become a sustainable organisation.

Lockdown opening homes to Jesus in Manila

Surprising results in the Philippines as restrictions forced Jigsaw Kids Ministries to reimagine their work