Book review: Ancestral Feeling

Philip Lockley reviews a profoundly stimulating and personal book on the faith heritage received through colonial missionary movements.

Sustainability, African identity and climate justice

Israel Olofinjana critiques western notions of sustainability and offers a different model for climate justice.

African congregations adapting to COVID-19

Harvey Kwiyani and Paul Ayokunle identify the distinct way in which the pandemic was understood and confronted as both a spiritual and medical battleground.

Finding my place

“Isn’t Christianity the white man’s religion?” Rosie Hopley is on a quest to unearth a broader, wider and more global narrative.

Rivers in the desert

Sheila Akomiah-Conteh argues that African Christianity is a revitalising force in British Christianity.

Editorial: The gift of African diaspora churches in the UK

Harvey Kwiyani and Colin Smith introduce this issue of ANVIL journal of theology and mission.

Finding my place

Rosie Hopley shares why she’s joined the first cohort of students on the African Christian Diaspora route of the CMS MA course

Start of a new movement?

"We’re hoping to create a movement of post-colonial missionaries able to work across cultures and races,” says Harvey Kwiyani.

Just Imagine – Afrofuturism

Lusa Nsenga-Ngoy, BAME mission and ministry enabler for Leicester Diocese, talks of imagination as a desire to live in a transformed world.

Book review: The Forgotten Creed

Paul Thaxter is impressed by an argument that "us and them" thinking was ruled out by an early Christian creed.

YouTube review: Body Language

Emily Roux responds to a heart-provoking and honest conversation between two champions of our faith, Christine Caine and Dr Anita Phillips

Book review: Ghost Ship

Jonny Baker is grateful to Azariah France Williams for a gift of a book