Romania: serving Ukrainian refugees

Local partner Sergiu Brădean and his church in Romania are still hosting and serving Ukrainian refugees. They are receiving refugees directed to them by other churches closer to the border, and as well as emergency accommodation, friendship and advice, a team of volunteers has now started Romanian language lessons for them. Pray for strength and perseverance for the team and for the future hope of the refugees.

Romania: serving refugees

Local partner Sergiu Brădean pastors a church which is serving Ukrainian refugees in their community, doing their best to provide for refugees’ immediate physical needs and running language courses. Pray for the millions of Ukrainian refugees who are starting new lives while struggling with mental health problems as a result of the war.

Sergiu Brădean, Romania

Pastors an evangelism-focused church in an ethnically diverse area.

“We are doing what we can”

As refugees seek safety in countries on Ukraine’s western border, our partners offer welcome and care.