South Asia: returning to the UK

Please pray for mission partners in South Asia who are in the process of preparing to transition back to the UK. Pray for peace for each member of the family, for all the practical things that need to fall into place and especially for the visa process to go smoothly.

South Asia: theological educators’ conference

“Please pray for the Theological Educators’ Forum (TEF) annual conference taking place next week from 5 to 7 March,” writes mission partner F. Mission partner F will be contributing to a seminar on Wednesday, and about 100 participants from around 50 institutions are expected to attend the conference, which has Doing Theology in an Honour/Shame […]

Pakistan: elections

Elections were held in Pakistan this week. Please pray for peace following the elections and for the future government to be effective in stewarding the country. Pray also for mission partner F, whose role is to help strengthen Christians’ faith and knowledge of Jesus in a context where they are the minority.

Pakistan: elections approaching

CMS mission partner, F, in Pakistan asks for prayer for the country, which will hold general elections on 8 February. Please pray for good voter turnout, for peace during and after the elections and that the future government will be effective in stewarding the country. Pray also for F, whose role is to help strengthen […]

South Asia: teaching

Mission partner F in South Asia gives thanks for a fruitful and encouraging visit to another city for seminars with youth, women, pastors and church members. F also asks for prayer as she will start teaching weekly classes this Friday at two local Bible colleges.

South Asia: theology exams and assignments

Mission partner F asks for prayer for theology students as they do their exams and practical assignments before their graduation on 15 December. Please pray that the long-delayed board meeting may take place soon and that the principal can get some help with the accounts and administration. Please pray, too, for young women to sign […]

South Asia: church Christmas event

Mission partners E and R write that their church is planning an event for children at a local charity, a separate Christmas event for an apartment block which has hundreds of families of various faiths and backgrounds as well as a joint service with a sister church. Please pray for all these events to go […]

South Asia: Christians facing persecution

We were really pleased to welcome mission partners who serve in South Asia to the CMS office this week. As well as sharing about their work, they challenged us to pray for our brothers and sisters facing persecution across South Asia. This can take the form of violence, destruction of churches, prejudice and legal difficulties. […]

Palliative care specialists, Asia

Qualified specialists are sought to help set up a new palliative care centre

South Asia: teaching synoptic gospels

Mission partner E starts teaching synoptic gospels on 6 November for a month. Please pray for wisdom as he prepares, and for the students to engage not only with studying, but with Jesus himself. Pray too for a new home for E and R, as their landlord is selling the house they live in. Pray […]

South Asia: theological teaching

We give thanks with mission partner F for a great teaching opportunity on church history in another part of the country. Please pray for this week’s teaching on creation care. Give thanks that the programmes, procedures and personnel have recently been accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA).

South Asia: newly arrived

Please pray for mission associates Claire and Ian who have just travelled to South Asia to deliver mental health training and be part of a palliative care project. Pray that they will have energy and stamina to deliver the training over the six weeks they are there and that it will be an encouraging and […]