South Asia: good start to module

Mission partner F working in theological training, writes that she is giving thanks for a good start to the latest Research Methods module with 30 students. Praise God for this good start and pray for the students as they go home to do a small piece of field research before returning in four weeks’ time […]

South Asia: new baby

We thank God for the safe arrival of a baby boy born to local partners in South Asia. Pray for the mother, V, to recover, for the baby to thrive and for the family as they all adjust to the new arrival.

South Asia: healing and wisdom

A local partner in South Asia, asks for prayer for Mrs A Kaur who is suffering from cancer, for her son who is struggling with diabetes and for four-year-old D with a speech impairment and delayed growth. Our local partner would like prayer for healing for them and for wisdom as he and his wife […]

South East Asia: language learning

Mission partners I and S ask for prayer for their language learning and for God to open up opportunities for conversations about faith with S’s English language students. Praise God that I and S have been able to create a home in their new location and that they are building friendships in the community.

Together on the edge for 10 years

We celebrate the impact of Asia-CMS's decade "together on the edge in God's mission"

Peter and Vasantha, India

Creating quality video material for schools built on biblical values

Sri Lanka protests

Weeks of peaceful protests against the government turned violent on Monday, after supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa attacked anti-government demonstrators and destroyed two protest sites where thousands had congregated. Buddhist monks and Catholic priests were among at least 225 people hospitalised after the attack. The economic situation is precarious; Sri Lankans are desperate as basic items […]

South Asia: healing from pain

Mission partners in South Asia ask for prayer for their eldest son, who has been experiencing severe hip pain this week. Please pray that this wouldn’t be a recurrence of a problem he had earlier this year, and for him to recover fully soon.

South Asia: safe arrival

Give thanks that mission partners E and R have arrived safely in the UK for home leave. Pray for a refreshing time in the UK and good opportunities to connect with families, friends and churches.

Stopping trafficking before it starts

Mission partners in South Asia report on a decade spent working to prevent human trafficking.