Sri Lanka: food insecurity

Please pray for the people of Sri Lanka, where many families are forced to go hungry as incomes are shrinking while food prices are growing. According to UNICEF, approximately 56,000 children in Sri Lanka are suffering from severe acute malnutrition. In this impossible situation, pray for God to intervene and provide miraculously.

Together on the edge for 10 years

We celebrate the impact of Asia-CMS's decade "together on the edge in God's mission"

Sri Lanka: economic collapse

Pray for the people of Sri Lanka, where the government has run out of money to pay for food, fuel and medicine and is relying on help from neighbouring countries and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Our contacts at LEADS write that they are “doing okay by the grace of God”, but ask for prayer […]

Sri Lanka crisis

Continue to pray for Sri Lanka.  The country’s economic crisis has caused sky high inflation and months of shortages of food, fuel, and electricity. Pray for international intervention, for the government to take the right action and for the vulnerable people that are hit the hardest.

Sri Lanka protests

Weeks of peaceful protests against the government turned violent on Monday, after supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa attacked anti-government demonstrators and destroyed two protest sites where thousands had congregated. Buddhist monks and Catholic priests were among at least 225 people hospitalised after the attack. The economic situation is precarious; Sri Lankans are desperate as basic items […]

Russell de Alwis, Sri Lanka

Church relations officer and training coordinator at LEADS, which works with abused and traumatised children.