Sudan: difficult and dangerous

Bishop Hassan James, CMS and CMS-Africa local partner and a constant voice for peace in Kadugli Diocese, asks for prayer for “the pain caused by the war we have in Sudan, especially South Kordofan, in the Nuba Mountains.” Specifically: “Many have lost their lives in the conflict between the SPLM [Sudan People’s Liberation Movement] and […]

Sudan: ongoing violence in Khartoum

Pray for the people of Khartoum, where the violent conflict which began in April this year continues to cause destruction, devastation, loss of life and tear families apart. Pray for peace and reconciliation to come to this broken nation and for God’s healing to be poured out.

Sudan: escalation of fighting

In Khartoum, the recent ceasefire expired last weekend and fighting has since escalated again. Please pray for humanitarian aid to reach all those who need it, and for peace and stability in Sudan.

Sudan: keep praying for peace and stability

Bishop Hassan James, local partner in Kadugli Diocese says: “We thank you for your continuous love and prayers for our country, Sudan. So far, the situation is very difficult, but our hope is in God.” He asks prayer for the cease-fire to continue for a longer period and for peace and stability. “The humanitarian situation […]

Sudan: ceasefire

A ceasefire came into force on Monday evening and the last few days has seen relative peace for the first time in five weeks, though sporadic artillery fire can still be heard in Khartoum, according to residents. Please pray for the ceasefire to hold and for peace to come to this nation.

Sudan: ongoing fighting

The intense fighting in Khartoum and its sister cities has now been going on for more than a month. Since fighting began in April, nearly 1,000 people have been killed and more than a million displaced. Kenyan president, William Ruto, is urging the warring Sudanese generals to stop the fighting. He says, “These generals are […]

Sudan: ongoing conflict

Local partner Hassan James writes that the conditions are very, very difficult and asks us to keep praying. For three weeks now, gunfire and explosions have been heard across the capital, Khartoum. Please pray for protection for those caught in the crossfire and for an end to the fighting.

Sudan: fighting for power

Please keep praying for Sudan, where fighting is still going on. Pray for safety for the many who are in danger, for God to change the hearts of those who are fighting and most of all for peace to come to this nation.

Sudan: fighting

Fierce fighting has been going on in Sudan for several days now as two generals fight for power over the country. In Khartoum, civilians are caught in the crossfire and hospitals and homes have been reduced to rubble. According to the World Health Organisation, the death toll is now at 300, with more than 3,000 […]

A school for peace

A new primary school in conflict-torn Sudan is laying the foundations for peace.

Hassan James, Sudan

Assistant bishop of Kadugli diocese, training church leaders and young people, preaching the word and serving the church