Taiwan: earthquake aftermath

Please keep praying for the people of Taiwan as they continue to deal with the aftermath of the recent earthquake. Praise God that mission partner Catherine Lee is safe and pray for her as she continues in ministry with the Diocese of Taiwan.

Taiwan: earthquake

Please pray for Taiwan after the earthquake this last Wednesday. It mainly hit the Hualien area and there have been many aftershocks. Bishop Lennon Yuan-Rung Chang, who works with mission partner Catherine Lee, writes, “Our church in Hualien, St Luke’s Church, received minor damage only. The vicar, Rev Antony F W Liang, has spent the day […]

Taiwan earthquake

As Taiwan faces the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, let's pray for the people affected and the government as they navigate this challenging time. May they find strength, comfort, and resources to overcome.

Taiwan: new president

Catherine Lee, mission partner in Taiwan, says, “Thanks to you all for your concern and prayers this past weekend – I’m thankful for safe and smooth elections and for the peaceful election of a new president, President Lai.” Please continue to pray for a period of transition ahead of the inauguration on 20 May.

Taiwan: peace and stability

Give thanks for all that Catherine Lee does – from teaching young ones to writing articles – at St John’s Cathedral in Taipei. Please pray for Taiwan’s peace and stability, especially as Taiwan has presidential elections in January next year. 

Taiwan: visit to the Diocese of Osaka

Mission partner Catherine Lee, who works with the Diocese of Taiwan, recently attended centenary celebrations for the Diocese of Osaka (known traditionally as a CMS diocese) on behalf of CMS. One of Catherine’s Bible study group members made some prayer bead bracelets (Anglican rosaries) as gifts for the bishop and clergy in Osaka, symbolising the […]

Catherine Lee, Taiwan

Working with the Taiwan Episcopal Church, supporting the church, chaplaincy and kindergarten ministry of the Diocese of Taiwan.