Uganda: Sunday school

Neil and Sue Browning in Moyo, Uganda, lead Sunday School alongside their roles as a college lecturer (Sue) and surgeon (Neil). There are regularly 70–90 children attending, but recently some leaders have moved on for work and studies. Give thanks for these children coming along and pray for new leaders to join the team.

Uganda: returned to the UK

Pray for mission partners Tom and Verity Clare and their five children, who have recently returned to the UK permanently. Pray for each member of the family as they make friends and adjust to life in their new location.

Uganda: Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College

Mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell ask for prayer for wisdom as they develop relationships and assess the priorities for their work in Gulu, Uganda. Pray, too, for Sarah as she battles with the bureaucracy necessary to register Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College with the National Council for Higher Education. This is by no means […]

Uganda/South Africa

Theological training bears fruit for the long term, say mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed in South Africa. “In 2019, we asked for prayer for Andrew Nalumenya from Uganda Christian University (UCU) who was pursuing a PhD under Caroline’s supervision.” Give thanks with the Seeds that Andrew has now been awarded his doctorate and is […]

Uganda: refugees

Local partner Sam Malish asks for prayer for refugees who are forced to return to the country they have fled or are relocating because their food rations have been cut due to funding shortfalls. Pray for safety for those who are travelling, especially for those who are travelling through or returning to war zones.

Uganda: moving in

Mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell have just moved into their own house. Praise God for this practical aspect of life falling into place. Pray for Sarah and Simon as they make this house their home for as long as God wants them to be there.

Uganda: moving on

Pray for Nicci Maxwell as she finishes at Potter’s Village and prepares to travel to the UK for home and study leave. As she says her goodbyes and prepares for the next chapter, pray for her to know God as her sure foundation. Pray for everyone involved in the process of discerning her next placement; pray […]

Uganda: work in South Sudanese refugee camps

Please pray for local partner Sam Malish and the refugees he ministers to. Pray for trauma healing training taking place next week for women leaders working with families; for those receiving the training to be well equipped to minister to the families they will meet.

Uganda: starting out

Pray for mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell as they are commissioned this Sunday ahead of travelling to Uganda next week to serve at Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College and the local community in Gulu. Pray for them as they say their goodbyes and prepare to leave the UK as well as for safety in […]

The Woman at the Gate

Tom and Verity Clare reflect on healthcare and discipleship for people at the edges in north-west Uganda

Uganda: miraculous recovery

Mission partner Nicci Maxwell is grateful to everyone who has prayed for Godfrey, the husband of Promise, a nurse at Potter’s Village. Godfrey has been recovering from being attacked and stabbed on 7 February, but has now astonished his medical team by getting out of bed and going for a short walk. The chest drain […]

Uganda: new principal for theological college

Mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell will soon be travelling to Gulu, Uganda, where Sarah will take up the role of principal of Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College. Please pray for Sarah and Simon as they prepare to leave England, relocate to Uganda and settle into their new context and roles in Gulu.