Uganda: starting out

Pray for mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell as they are commissioned this Sunday ahead of travelling to Uganda next week to serve at Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College and the local community in Gulu. Pray for them as they say their goodbyes and prepare to leave the UK as well as for safety in […]

The Woman at the Gate

Tom and Verity Clare reflect on healthcare and discipleship for people at the edges in north-west Uganda

Uganda: miraculous recovery

Mission partner Nicci Maxwell is grateful to everyone who has prayed for Godfrey, the husband of Promise, a nurse at Potter’s Village. Godfrey has been recovering from being attacked and stabbed on 7 February, but has now astonished his medical team by getting out of bed and going for a short walk. The chest drain […]

Uganda: new principal for theological college

Mission partners Sarah and Simon Cawdell will soon be travelling to Gulu, Uganda, where Sarah will take up the role of principal of Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College. Please pray for Sarah and Simon as they prepare to leave England, relocate to Uganda and settle into their new context and roles in Gulu.  

Uganda: hospital renovation

Mission partners Neil and Sue Browning write that there is a new surgeon employed at Moyo Hospital alongside Neil, and this may allow Neil to spend some time in Kajo-Keji, where a hospital is being renovated by Médecins Sans Frontières. Pray for things to fall into place so that this works out and so that […]

Uganda: Ebola

Let us pray with mission partner Nicci Maxwell that the Ebola outbreak in central Uganda, which has spread to the capital, Kampala, is rapidly brought under control and will not cause widespread chaos and shutdowns again. Pray for Nicci herself, who is struggling with post-Covid fatigue. Pray for Nicci to be back to full strength […]

South Africa: travelling for training

Mission partners Caroline and Dick Seed ask for prayer as they travel to Uganda today to run the first phase of the training course for theology lecturers from Uganda Christian University and several of its colleges. Please pray for safe travels both to and within Uganda, for Caroline and Dick as well as colleagues coming […]

Uganda: trauma healing

Local partner Sam Malish asks for prayer for trauma healing currently taking place in Bidibidi Refugee Camp Two. Pray for families that are hurting to find healing, and for refugees’ practical needs to be met as their rations are reduced yet again.   

Uganda: Ebola

At least 136 cases and 53 deaths have been confirmed since Ebola was detected in Uganda in mid-September. Pray for the many who have lost loved ones to the disease, and for the outbreak to be contained.

Uganda: Financial Freedom for Families graduations

Local partner Judith Murungi writes that 24 people are graduating from the Financial Freedom for Families stewardship course this week, and another 20 will be graduating next weekend. Praise God for the impact of this course on those who are graduating now as well as all those who have gone before, and pray for the […]

Uganda: health training

Mission partners Tom and Verity Clare in Uganda ask for prayer for a “training of trainers” event being held next week on the subject of life skills and reproductive health: “Sexual and reproductive health is an area for young people that can be prone to slip through the cracks here, with parents, schools and church […]

Uganda: Ebola virus outbreak

The latest Ebola outbreak has killed 24 people from a total of 60 reported cases. Earlier this week, a three-week lockdown was declared in two districts to help contain the outbreak. Pray for protection for those treating victims, and for the outbreak to come to an end quickly.