Ukraine: Offering more than just aid

How our local partners bring practical and spiritual support to their fellow Ukrainians

Ukraine: healing and evangelism

Local partners Valery Alymov and Anya Manchuliak and mission partner Alison Giblett ask that we continue to pray for Ukraine. In addition to praying for peace, for soldiers and for the government, they ask that we pray for trauma training that they are doing as support is so needed. Please pray for God’s guidance so […]

Ukraine: an end to the war

Pray for the government and all in authority to operate with integrity and be led by God to make wise decisions that lead to victory, peace and restoration of the country and economy. Pray for a swift end to the war.

Ukraine: one year anniversary of Russian invasion

Ahead of the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, our CMS colleagues and their teams in Ukraine embarked on three days of prayer and fasting. Mission partner Alison Giblett has sent through the following prayer requests: Thank you for standing with us. Your support is vital for us at this time.

Ukraine: a year of refusing to give up

A year of violence, displacement and fear. But also a year of humble, inspiring mission service.

Not giving up in Ukraine

"Having lived through months of war, I know that God is my provider, my protector and our healer," says mission partner Alison Giblett.

Ukraine: war

Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. There are reports of Ukraine starting 2023 with a major attack on Russian troops, Russians on the battlefields using bodies as “shields” and people at the epicentre of the war feeling like it is the end of the world. Pray for God to bring an end […]

Ukraine: offering aid

Please continue to pray for Alison Giblett and local partners Valery Alymov and Anya Manchuliak and their church in Kyiv. They are reaching out with aid and encouragement to areas in the east and south that have been liberated from Russia. This is difficult, demanding and potentially dangerous work: pray for safety and stamina, for […]

Ukraine: situation critical

On Monday 21 November there were many missile strikes in Kyiv and across Ukraine and the situation in Kyiv is now critical due to the continued Russian strikes against the energy infrastructure systems. Against this backdrop, snow has arrived and temperatures are now below freezing, making the situation even more desperate. The Tabernacle of the […]

Ukraine: offering aid

Please pray for mission partner Alison Giblett and her church in Ukraine as they travel around the country, ministering to people and offering humanitarian aid.

Ukraine update 11 Nov 2022

Our people in mission in Ukraine, Alison, Valery and Anya are currently travelling to the east of the country with a  team of about 20 people to distribute humanitarian aid and provide spiritual comfort. Please pray that all will go well in terms of logistics and continue to pray for all Ukrainians suffering from the […]

Ukraine: overcoming darkness

We heard earlier in the week from CMS local partner and pastor Valery Alymov in Kyiv: “Today we were again subjected to heavy rocket attacks. In Kyiv, there is no electricity, communications, water… The Russians attacked our infrastructure. Pray for us. We really want to get ready for the coming winter.” Please continue to pray […]