Ukraine: unforgotten

We hear reports that amid so many other violent conflicts raging in our world, the people of Ukraine are feeling somewhat forgotten. Please keep praying for our people in mission: Alison, Anya and Valery, as they minister to people coping with fear, trauma, separation and loss. The weather is getting colder and the electricity infrastructure […]

Ukraine update from Kyiv

A short video update from Alison Giblett, on being God's hands, feet and voice during the war.

Ukraine: Genesis and mission follow up

Mission partner Alison Giblett in Ukraine asks for prayer for the Genesis ministry, which helps people dealing with destructive behaviours. Pray for new group members for the face to face group, and for people who have been to one session come back. Pray also for a trainer for the online group. Alison’s church, led by local partner Valery […]

Ukraine: under pressure

Our people in mission in Ukraine – Alison, Valery and Anya – report that “a big issue is dealing with a sense of hopelessness as the war continues on.” This feeling was likely intensified this week as a Russian strike hit a crowded market in the Ukrainian city of Kostiantynivka, killing at least 17 people. […]

Ukraine: returning to villages

CMS people in mission in Ukraine, with others from their church Tabernacle of the Living God, have returned to villages they visited last year as part of their restoration ministry. Give thanks for people’s welcome and openness to the gospel message. The team are running children’s ministry again – please pray for the children to […]

Ukraine: rebuilding a home

Progress is being made on Alison’s flat, which was badly damaged by fire over a year ago. Praise God for all those from Alison’s church who have been assisting in different ways.

Ukraine: couples separated by war

Mission partner Alison Giblett asks for prayer for Ukrainian married couples separated by the war. Many women and children are living as refugees in other countries while husbands and fathers are not allowed to leave Ukraine. The law has been changed to make divorce simpler, and many women who are now settled abroad have an […]


The Army Chaplains Team from Tabernacle of the Living God church (where mission partner Alison Giblett is based) ask for prayer for comfort and healing for all the women who have lost husbands and sons. Pray for God’s direction for their plans and ministry in this vital work.

Ukraine: ongoing war

Mission partner Alison Giblett reports that there is an apparent split between mercenaries and regular troops of the invading forces and asks for prayer for God’s purposes to be worked out in this situation. Please pray against any further loss of life and for the internal conflict to weaken the enemies’ resolve to wage war. […]

Ukraine: dam disaster aftermath

Please continue to pray for all those dealing with the aftermath of Ukraine’s Kakhovka dam disaster. Praise God for all that is being done.

Ukraine: dam disaster

It is now several days since Ukraine’s Kakhovka dam burst, causing widespread flooding. One of our mission partners asks for prayer for the evacuation efforts and for those who are still waiting to be rescued. Pray that waters will subside quickly to avoid the destruction of all the vegetation in the area. Pray for all […]

Ukraine: Offering more than just aid

How our local partners bring practical and spiritual support to their fellow Ukrainians