Ukraine: overcoming darkness

We heard earlier in the week from CMS local partner and pastor Valery Alymov in Kyiv: “Today we were again subjected to heavy rocket attacks. In Kyiv, there is no electricity, communications, water… The Russians attacked our infrastructure. Pray for us. We really want to get ready for the coming winter.” Please continue to pray […]

Ukraine: power struggles

Power cuts are a big problem now in Ukraine; our people in mission there tell us it’s harder to get around as public transport is extremely limited. Pray for an end to the destruction of electricity supplies and other important infrastructure. Continue to pray for an end to the violence and pray that all Christians, […]

Ukraine update 13 Oct 2022

As we continue to pray against violence and especially for churches and all people in the occupied territories in Ukraine, we can also give thanks for the faithful ministry of mission partner Alison Giblett and her church, Tabernacle of the Living God (TLG), led by local partner Valery Alymov. The church celebrates its fourth anniversary […]

Frontline photos: Ruin restorers in Ukraine

Our people in Ukraine see themselves as Ruin Restorers. Here are some firsthand photos of their recent work in villages near Kyiv.

Ukraine: caring for those in need

Mission partner Alison Giblett and local partners Valery Alymov and Anya Manchuliak continue, with their church, to support people in and around Kyiv affected by the war. This includes practical help from work on buildings/clearing rubble to helping a resident to harvest vegetables. Teams are also following up with children who came to the camps […]

Ukraine: visa

Mission partner Alison Giblett has had to leave Ukraine and travel to Romania to re-apply for her residency visa. Pray for favour with those she comes into contact with and for her paperwork to be processed quickly. Pray, too for local partners Valery and Anya and their church as they bring hope through providing food […]

Ukraine update 27 June 2022

Despite also needing to contend with the destructive aftermath of a fire in her flat in Kyiv, Alison and our other people in mission continue to coordinate practical and spiritual care for the people of Ukraine who are dealing with so much trauma and loss. God has provided the ministry team a very good base […]

Ukraine: witnessing destruction

Our people in mission were able to travel back to near Kyiv to assess both the damage done and people’s needs.

Ukraine: why I chose to stay

Mission partner Alison Giblett shares why she chose to stay among her community in Ukraine even as violence swept in

Anya Manchuliak, Ukraine

Coordinates church and ministry connections, develops partnerships with other churches and missions, trains youth and shares the gospel.

Valery Alymov, Ukraine

Sharing Jesus with others, preaching the gospel, making disciples and planting churches.

Alison Giblett, Ukraine

Providing spiritual and material care to those in need through my church and the Genesis ministry (helping people with destructive behaviours)