John Stansfeld


John Stansfeld

John recently retired from Lloyd’s Register, a technical and business services organisation with operations in over 80 countries that employs over 8,000 people.

He served on Lloyd’s Register’s executive team for 20 years and had director-level positions in the areas of strategy, human resources, transportation business leadership, as well as regional responsibilities for the Americas and Asia.

“I have been a Christian since my teenage years and have always been involved in our home church, whether on the PCC, as churchwarden, leading a house group, as a church elder, helping start a Besom initiative or being a part of a world mission group. Since visiting Hilary and Peter Bewes in Tanzania in 1973 I have taken a keen interest in supporting mission.”

John lived and worked overseas for 14 years in Canada, USA and Hong Kong. He is married, has four grown-up children and three grandchildren.